Hello Sunshine


Hello sunshine.

I'm glad you're here. If you've just stopped by for the first time, you may want to know a bit about this place you've found and the girl behind it. Come on in and sit a spell.

I created White Pitchers from my heart in the hopes it would fill you up with good things, things like home, faith, poetry, story, wisdom, bravery, beauty and hope. I look forward to sharing poetry I write in the early mornings, books I'm reading that you might like too, cozy spots around the house, thoughts on being a mama and ordinary life and seeing God's fingerprints all over the place.

I am a freckle-faced girl with blue eyes and red hair. I am a southern girl who lives in the Pacific Northwest. I love Jesus, poetry, home and story. I start everyday with my bible and a great cup of coffee. My name is Terri.

I have always loved home and design. When I was 10 or 11, I got my first subscription to Better Homes and Gardens and painted a mural across my bedroom wall. It was a large leafy tree with a girl on a swing. I drew my first set of house plans in high school and went on to get my University degree in Architecture. There I discovered the power of color, texture light and space and how design can influence a life. Home is more than a place to me, it is people and refuge and holds my heart.

I am married to Mike we have four whippersnappers, 2 boys and 2 girls. I call 'em that no matter their age. Now with two weddings, our crew has grown to six. After all, we prayed for these two hearts way back before we even knew who they were. Just for flavor, there are two black labs in the mix, Uncle Luke and Rowdy Cowboy. More to come about my mama-heart.

We just added our first grand-whippersnapper to the Conlin Crew, a boy named Crosby. Autumn will bring another first, a sweet bundle to the Sanders side of things (Rowdy's parents), so we'll soon be an imperfect 10.

My life as Jojo has arrived. Stay tuned!

(Photo by Bryan Rupp Photography)