5 Things I Learned this Spring

The art of reflection is like water thrown into a hot iron skillet. First you can see how hot the pan is. Then it cools things down and lifts what's sticking. These quarterly reflections are a way of picking up my life when it has cooled down a bit and looking at what I learned in the passing season. As we stand on the cusp of summer, I want to pause and look back at springtime when the world was beginning to melt and the first flowers were in the bud. creativity is a means to love.At a Renovaré Continue Reading

15 Quarantine Things: 5 things I miss, 5 things I do not miss, 5 things I'll keep

It has been approximately 63 days since we began our corona quarantine. I didn't need to count. I had a fairly good idea because yesterday I read Psalm 62. I began reading a Psalm a day right around Oregon's shelter in place order. I read Psalm 62 and scribbled it into my journal. He's solid rock under my feet, breathing room for my soul.I gulp deep breaths and let it out slowly. I wonder if my feet have been on the ground. Everything I've read or done lately has had a different texture, a ray of light coming through Continue Reading

Graduation: an end and a beginning

commence (kuh-mens): to initiate, launch, originate, open, arise I am sitting here in my pajamas on graduation day. My family did not fly in, the stage is silent, the auditorium seats are vacant, no hats tossed in the air. Even so, this week, I joined the Class of 2020. This has been a week to remember, I celebrated my 35th wedding anniversary, my 59th birthday, and my Covid19 graduation from Portland Seminary. On Sunday, we will celebrate Mother's Day. Whoever thought it was a good idea to put all of that into one week had lost her mind. You may Continue Reading

Stars and Sparrows and Small Things Like You and Me

When I am worried, shaken, or my fears are ruling the day, I often turn to the Psalms to remember my significance in a chaotic world. My favorites are the ones that have to do with God the Artist of the universe flinging stars into the sky and at the same time tenderly taking care of stars and sparrows and small things like you and me. A hearty walk outside in any kind of weather is another way to rearrange my heart. So far, even during this time of social distancing, I am keeping up my rhythm of a daily Continue Reading

Do You Hear What I Hear? (listening and answering the Advent call)

A week ago, I woke up to palm trees; not my usual Advent sight. It was strange to see faux Christmas trees twinkle against ocean waves. Instead of book stacks, piles of dog-eared papers, and rainy days, birds sang in the day and sunshine warmed my toes. I actually read a non-school book propped up on my legs. This trip was unusual for us; part Christmas gift, part spontaneity, part rebellion to our hard-working ways. That night at dinner, a low and lonesome timbre broke over the lanai; not my usual Advent sound. An island man, strong and brown, ran Continue Reading