Singing in the Blue (before)

My kitchen is well loved.

By that, I mean lots of knicks and scuffs and happy cups of coffee at the big black island over the last ten years. It is past time for a fresh coat of paint and I am ready.

The white cabinets will stay white, a clean canvas, a timeless classic I never regret. But I have decided the island needs a new look, a nuanced feel that buoys the day and rides the waves.

Music, paintings, books and poetry have launched many of my projects. I wonder what inspires yours?

This time, I am being inspired by one of our favorite singer/songwriters, Ryan Adams.

Damn Sam, I love a woman that rains
Damn Sam, I love a woman that's blue

My Mike gets credit for discovering Ryan Adams in our house and letting me tag along. We listen to his music on every road trip. By road trip, I mean to the local grocery store, on river runs and across the mountains. So basically, wherever we go.

I have settled on blue for the island, but not just any blue, blue that is green and gray and turquoise, sometimes all at once like the ocean when it rains. I am looking for blue the color of vintage blue Ball jars or the beaches where we honeymooned and woke up to the wooing sea.

I have been to the paint store about a dozen times. (I am not kidding.) I have paint chips taped all over the place so I can see them in every light and I pester Mike to tell me which one is the perfect one for us . (He's not sold on the blue, so he's just making me happy.)

I may have found our blue. It's called Moody Blue by Sherwin Williams. So I buy a pint and paint a piece of card stock and move that all over the house. Color is very personal. You have to see it with you own eyes, in your own space under your own lighting. My big test has always been to come around the corner and be surprised by my new color and register my unbidden response, a smile, a slight frown, a sigh, a double-take.

So, Mr. Moody Blue will be percolating in my kitchen with the morning coffee. I'll let you know how it turns out.