Favorite Finds: Back to School Edition

The kids are back in school or maybe you've launched one off to college.

Take in a big breath and read Taking your Kid to College: 5 Secrets to Letting Go with Grace. I think there's something in there for every mama, whether you have littles or a wedding on the horizon. In one way or another, it's all letting go!

Now, that some of your routine is back (yah for routine!), it is time for you to learn and dream and do.

I find when I write stuff down, I tend to actually do it - grocery lists, books-to-read lists, people-to-call lists, to-do lists and even dream lists that are still misty and out of focus. Plus if I write it down in pen and ink, it gets it all out of my head so I can attend to the people right in front of me.

So here are some of my favorite
School Supplies for Mama:

Any loose paper or magazine tear-outs or receipts go into these Cute folders.

I love these 07 size smooth black Inky pens.

I can fill these Journals up in a heartbeat with thoughts, book quotes, ideas for posts and prayers for the Whippersnappers and the Wonders. The beautiful cover art is done by artists and a portion of the proceeds go to benefit school children across the oceans. I'd love to see something like this for kids in our own poorest schools too.

I carry these Little Notebooks around in my purse or car console to jot down ideas on the go. Plus they are one of my go-to stocking stuffers.

Y'all, this is the Best Planner Ever and its on sale right now! It is full of soul keeping stuff. Worth every penny.

You might remember I told you last month about the Manly Men meetings the guys in our family did - meeting, eating and discussing the book Mansfield's Book of Manly Men.

My girls and I are starting a "just us" bookclub!

My girls range in age from 20 -27, two are mamas and one is away at college, so getting together is no small feat. We are gonna be creative with some face-to-face time while the Daddies hold down the fort and likely some FaceTime or other screen time for when we cannot get together.

The only rules are they are no rules. We aim only to enjoy each other and fill our hearts with some good thoughts for an imperfect but fully present life.

The girls' first selection is Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist. We are waiting for it to arrive to get started.

One reviewer said,
"Reading this book is like taking off an underwire bra at the end of a very, very long, hard day. Such relief."

Now why wouldn't we want a book like that?

Of course you need your own backpack to throw all of your school supplies into. I found this Kavu Rope Bag on a trip to Seattle to see my Ryan about a year and a half ago. The pattern I have was on sale (you know me) and so may be discontinued (of course), but there are lots of patterns to choose from.

KAVU is an acronym for "the perfect day" - Klear Above Visibility Unlimited. It is the perfect tidy little size for traveling or hiking, any time I want to ditch my purse but carry a few items - my phone, a journal and pen, a book, my keys and my wallet like last year when I took my Kavu bag on a trip to the Land of Enchantment to see my dear friend Leslie. That trip inspired me so much I wrote about it in two posts Land of Enchantment - Part Taos.

There you have it, gather your own supplies for keeping track of stuff, getting stuff done and dreaming your dreams. Our time is precious and sometimes we only have little windows while the kids are at school or napping or after work, so let's gather them all in to one place and be ready to learn and dream and do.

Enjoy the fall y'all!


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