Feathering the Nest

It's the calm before the storm. It's a good night's sleep before sleepless nights. It's the last few days your heart is still inside your own chest. It's the great mind blowing adventure of having your first baby. Now my first baby girl is having her first baby girl.

It's our final countdown to Baby Girl!

We have been praying and friends have been showering Kate and Zeke with love and gifts and all things tiny.

Back in June, on Father's Day, I had an aha. Zeke is already a father. He hasn't held her in his arms just yet, but she has slept beneath his hand and he has rearranged his heart to make room for Baby Girl. Kate has rearranged a few things herself, her spleen, maybe even a rib or two.

Kate has been a nanny for two families over the last two years while she went to graduate school. The mamas are sisters and the kids cousins. Love and chaos reigns. Over the past two years, I've gotten a sneak peek at my role as Jojo by meeting her at the park some days after nap time.

One day after Kate's belly had grown gently round, she told the kids about the baby. One of the kids, a preschool boy among girls, wondered aloud if Zeke knew Kate had a baby in her belly. His eyes sparked to a thrill and he whispered in Kate's ear, "Let's go tell him!" Of course, she went right along just to see Zeke's face.

It’s that time, to feather the nest, the actual spot where Baby Girl will lay her sweet head.

We started with cinnamon sponge painted walls. I am NOT kidding. It made your head spin and your stomach turn.

Even Rowdy is wondering what happened in here. Only Kate's cowboy boots look familiar.

So Kate got permission from her landlord to paint and we had little paint party just to stop the spinning. We chose a pale gray to light the room.

Then we thrifted or borrowed just about every single thing. We may have been short on money, but long on meaning, ingenuity and good old fashioned elbow grease.

Have you seen the cuteness of tiny? It works its own magic.

I cannot wait to meet the girl whose feet will fill these shoes.

One of the families Kate works for was just at the right spot in life to pass a few things along. Three year old Gracie already loves "Kate's baby" (remember, Zeke may not know) and tells her so right into Kate's belly button. She is sharing her own crib and changing table while she moves on to a big girl bed. There is legacy tucked into this furniture.

Rowdy pose. Looks like he is ready. If he only knew.

We brought a few items from her childhood room at home, like her Old Fashioned Tigger, a gift from Grandpa Hank,

. . and the picture above the crib and the bible verse here with lamp below.

The perfect size pink cowboy boots are a Texas gift from Gee and Pops. Every girl needs a pair right from the start.

The changing table is organized and the shelves are stocked with board books. The diaper bag is packed for coming home.

The crowning touch is a brand new watercolor by Auntie Ryan titled "You are Deerly Loved".

Oh Baby Girl, may you know down deep that you are already so dearly loved! Let me remind you now to love your body in all its seasons and imperfections. Get comfortable in your own skin and be satisfied with how God hand-crafted you, wild and sweet and natural like honey from the honeycomb.

Kate is feathering the nest with love and prayers, diapers and Boudreaux's Butt Paste. We are nine waiting to be ten, but it will feel like so much more than that.

The freezer is jam packed with frozen meals and her bags are packed. Even Rowdy's doggie bag is packed in case he needs to come see Uncle Luke for a day or two.

Now all we need is her name and God's perfect timing.

Come on Baby Girl!

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