Original Father: Tried + True

It all started with a silver half dollar from Mike's pocket.

Well, before that really. That was just the moment I knew I would say yes.

My pastor had asked me to preach one Sunday morning while he was on sabbatical, Father's Day. I was in prayer over it; listening, considering, weighing my heart. To me it was a BIG ask. I felt the weight of the opportunity, the flight of my courage, the risk of the yes and the no, all at once.

My Daddy collects coins from all over the world, but silver dollars and half dollars are his favorite. He taught us kids about mint, series and silver content. The coin didn't hold any of the special qualities he taught us to look for, but I could not remember the last time I had gotten one back as change. It spoke to me of my Daddy. I could appreciate the rarity of both coin and hearing a feminine heart from the pulpit.

You can read about my Daddy in previous posts Dickie Daddy and Pops Daddy.

Whoever preaches at Riversgate on a Sunday morning is prayed for on the spot. On this day my family sat all in a row and I asked Mike to pray over me. He put his arm around me and time stood still. His prayer is not on the recording, but here is some of what he prayed,

"Thank you for being our perfect Father,
for loving us completely and sacrificing so much
to bring us back to you.
Let Terri's words be your voice.
She knows your heart as well as anyone I know."

How could I not be brave after that? Mike knows my faults and yet believes in me beyond any merit.

I hope these stories along with truths about our Original Father will encourage your hearts and inspire your minds.

My aim was to fly like an arrow straight to the true heart of our Original Father. I will likely get there in loops and curls, maybe more like a firefly.

Grab an iced tea and settle in on your porch for a spell. Please come back later and comment below.

You can hear my Father's Day preaching here: