Small Things that are Working Their Big Magic in a New Year of Dreams and Goals

Isn't it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back everything is different? C. S. Lewis Everywhere I turn, everyone is talking about their plans for the coming year. Do you have BIG plans for 2018? Or are you overwhelmed by the very thought of New Year's resolutions? Or have the years of missed goals just taught you to hate resolutions of any kind? Before you throw it all out the window in frustration, because, well it's just too B-I-G, consider a few small things. A few years ago, I started a few teensy things that Continue Reading

Keep Christmas Sacred, Simple and Surprising

What if, instead of doing something, we were to be something special? Be a womb. Be a dwelling for God. Be surprised. Loretta Ross-Gotta Is Christmastime magical or overwhelming for you? I think in a way, it was meant to be both. How could God coming so near that he broke into our world through a girl's birth canal not be mind-blowing, heart re-arranging and soul-shaping? A few days ago a supermoon appeared in the night sky. When I first saw it, it hung low and large in the dusky sky, full in its roundness, clear and bright. A supermoon Continue Reading

Things I Learned this Fall (2017)

When it comes to lessons, it does me good to take stock of what I am learning at the end of each season. I keep a list of random lessons in my commonplace book - some big, small, funny, serious, and some quirky. Then, I gather them together along with a community of writers over at Emily P. Freeman's place. Right at the close of autumn and before we head into December, seems a real good time for What I Learned this Fall (2017). 1.Waiting in line may actually be good for you and your family. I recently made Continue Reading

Favorite Finds (silobration edition)

Welcome to Favorite Finds. "Favorite Finds" are short lists of things I have found that I think you might like too. Each edition is unique and built around a theme of sorts. The lists might include books, podcasts, products, places, gifts or thoughtful lessons. This edition is a curated list from my trip to the Magnolia Silos of Chip and Joanna Gaines fame. I have done some of the work for you in that I handled each item on this list. But it is so much more than a shopping list. It is a celebration of sisters, daughters, Continue Reading

10 Ways Loving a Child with Autism has Made our Family Stronger

Oh my stars! It helped this mama to talk to another God-centered mama about my dearest heart - loving all of my children. Recently, I had the sweet joy of chatting up a storm with the God-Centered Mom podcaster, Heather MacFadyen. She asked so many good and hard questions for her listeners. She is a skilled interviewer. Parenting in general is hard. It sands us down raw and tender, before burnishing us to a shine. Loving a child on the autism spectrum in particular is the grittiest thing I have ever done, and the most soul-shaping. If you have a Continue Reading