Did you know April is National Poetry Month?

My Ryan called from college to remind me of this the other day while browsing at a bookstore. She had stumbled upon Maya Angelou and purchased, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. This will go down as a day of discovery.

Poetry is my morning pages. Here is a poem I wrote with a prompt from tweetspeakpoetry called Poetry Jeans.


You can’t know all these rivets hold
My starry eyes and bagpipe notes
Lead a wedding gown
On a Texas street in waiting May
In a storied place
Of law and grit
Where bricks sing and guitars play
I laid chambray eyes on you
In sunlight filtering down
We filled our pockets along the way
Fell to our fraying knees
Steeped in ordinary blue
Rise up again
Signs of distress
Let skin shine glory through

You can’t know all these rivets hold
My breath and honeymoon
That one trip to Boston
All the doors we called, "Welcome home"
Keys to refuge
Deep sheltered places
Riding out the pewter storm
Sailing our dreams
Our indigo pockets always gave
But never gave way
Still, we lost in the cull
In the washing ocean tide
Ones we haven’t forgotten
Ones we never met
Ones that will complete us once we have cried

You can't know all these rivets hold
Youth and curves and valleys
All our rainy days
Waiting on the sun
'til one day we cross the mountain
Riding strong
On double-seamed highways
Following the river run
And find to our surprise
Bridges of fading time
River crossings criss and cross
For one hundred years to true
Bring me back to seven pounds
Hope tips the newborn scale
With room for me to love you