Singing in the Blue (during)

I am thrilled at the sight of the canvas that is painter's pants. There is story here.

The painters arrived today to make my 10 year-old kitchen happy again.

I thought you might want to see the middle of my kitchen painting project.The part where it gets worse before it gets better.

Before we can get to the fun part, the painters have to take all the hardware off the doors, doors off the hinges, and drawer fronts off the drawers. The "faces"
have to come off and go to the shop for spraying.

Yikes! Here they are. My messy cupboards, exposed. You can't see it here, but under the kitchen sink was the worst. You know the stuff: cleansers, paper towel rolls and folded paper bags, all crammed in this way and that.

It looks to me like a smile with broken teeth. I got into those cabinets and fished out the things that are forgotten over a decade of family and kids: a jumble of jars, a large thermos, a bunch of lunch boxes, an ice cream maker (going to our new home-owning kiddos), Halloween candy hidden so I won't eat it and way too many water bottles. What in the world?

The next day a tent goes up to spray the island in place.

It's like a fort we built as kids, a secret hideout. This hideout has an oven like the Keeblers, an oven I now realize I cannot use tonight. I didn't think of that. Heh-heh, we'll have to go out. I mean Darn!

This tent will be up for another 24 hours to fully dry. And another day for good measure thanks to Luke. Luke is our 95 pound black lab with a wild tail and tufts of hair that drift behind him when he circles the island looking for anything we might drop off the cutting board. He's a scavenger. See him there in the bottom of the frame above?

Here he is close up.

One of Luke's many nicknames is Piggie Pie because when he has his nose to the ground in search of what we may have left behind, he snorts like a baby piglet. Butter is his favorite. Wait, what was I saying?

Oh yeah, the point is, Luke and I are both waiting outside and I can't see my Moody Blue yet. And that means neither can you.

I'll let you know when the Keeblers are gone.