Singing in the Blue (after)

Remember, I was searching for blue? Not just any blue, blue that is green and gray and turquoise, sometimes all at once like the ocean when it rains, like the color of vintage blue Ball jars or the beaches where we honeymooned and woke up to the wooing sea.

I found it!

Before I show you my happy kitchen finale, I want you to know it was done with only 4 ingredients:

  1. Bar Keepers Friend (soft-scrub kind)
  2. an old toothbrush
  3. paint
  4. Ryan Adams song Singing in the Blue (before)

Before the painters arrived, I went around scrubbing the baseboards, doors and cabinets with the soft liquid cleanser and an old frayed toothbrush to get rid of scuff marks and provide a clean surface to take the new paint.

Y'all this little trick from my painter was amazing. I did it all over the white woodwork in the house, then wiped it down with a damp washcloth. I even saved the cost of painting several cabinet doors and 2 bedroom doors. They were covered in posters, stickers and tape that I thought might never come off. This worked wonders for me, but make sure you test a small area you plan to paint before going crazy.

With a bit of my elbow grease, the woodwork was clean and the painters could work their magic. Remember this island used to be black? Singing in the Blue (during) It was lost beneath the solid black top. Now it has come out of the shadows and smiles like a summertime blue sky.

Come sit and lets share a glass of iced tea and talk about the books we're reading.

Of course, one thing leads to another. I cleaned up my piles and said hello to more shades of blue in my windowsill. I always set out an array of vintage blue ball jars as summertime rolls around. Now they sing!

The Keeblers are gone and I have a Moody Blue kitchen island that makes me smile.
Come back and visit to see where blue might sing another song or two.