It's almost July! Before we get there, I want to savor the last few days of June. I woke up this morning with a new word on my tongue, a jumbled word that spoke to me. "Re-June-ivation" Re-June-ivation is a combination of rejuvenation and the first month of summer, June. Since June kicks off the summer season and summer is a great season for returning to rhythms that restore our souls (reading in the sunshine, sipping lemonade by the pool, picking and eating fresh berries, outdoor concerts in the park, backyard BBQ's), it seemed a good word mash Continue Reading

Singing in the Blue (after)

Remember, I was searching for blue? Not just any blue, blue that is green and gray and turquoise, sometimes all at once like the ocean when it rains, like the color of vintage blue Ball jars or the beaches where we honeymooned and woke up to the wooing sea. I found it! Before I show you my happy kitchen finale, I want you to know it was done with only 4 ingredients: Bar Keepers Friend (soft-scrub kind) an old toothbrush paint Ryan Adams song Singing in the Blue (before) Before the painters arrived, I went around scrubbing the baseboards, doors Continue Reading

Singing in the Blue (during)

I am thrilled at the sight of the canvas that is painter's pants. There is story here. The painters arrived today to make my 10 year-old kitchen happy again. I thought you might want to see the middle of my kitchen painting project.The part where it gets worse before it gets better. Before we can get to the fun part, the painters have to take all the hardware off the doors, doors off the hinges, and drawer fronts off the drawers. The "faces" have to come off and go to the shop for spraying. Yikes! Here they Continue Reading

white space coaxes out creativity

White space coaxes out creativity, but it takes slow and quiet time and free space. At first, our soul is like a canvas where others begin to paint the portrait of who we are. Slowly, as we develop and mature, we take the brush into our own hands and continue painting our own lives. Then we go beyond that, to leave our mark on the world around us. Erwin Raphael McManus, The Artisan Soul Some of what we may be making room for in our white space when we subtract the obvious is creativity. Creativity that got squeezed out in Continue Reading

Yes Megan, We're Eating in the Barn

I hope you get a chance to eat in a horse barn one day. There's something about the hushed shadows and shafts of light slanting in through the weathered boards. The sawdust, rustic wood, hay mangers and muscled horses munching in the stalls all invite quiet awe. History is here. Barns have been known to be places of love, revolution and peace. When I come into the humble dust of a barn, I feel close to both heaven and earth. Glory. You can't really know what you're in for when you purchase your ticket to the Reins of Grace Barn Continue Reading