Favorite Finds (Easter basket edition)

That's how many Easter baskets I have filled in my life so far. Over the years, I have simplified their contents, gotten more creative and added more meaning to what goes into the baskets. I didn't just want fillers, I wanted things that fill me, body, mind, and soul. I'm sure you do too. We all want to bless our families, use our money wisely, and celebrate the death and life season of the Jesus we love, all while keeping our celebration true and sweet and soulful. I have gathered what I think are my best Easter basket ideas from Continue Reading

Favorite Finds (silobration edition)

Welcome to Favorite Finds. "Favorite Finds" are short lists of things I have found that I think you might like too. Each edition is unique and built around a theme of sorts. The lists might include books, podcasts, products, places, gifts or thoughtful lessons. This edition is a curated list from my trip to the Magnolia Silos of Chip and Joanna Gaines fame. I have done some of the work for you in that I handled each item on this list. But it is so much more than a shopping list. It is a celebration of sisters, daughters, Continue Reading

Favorite Finds (laughing planet edition)

"A good laugh is sunshine in the house.". William Thackeray It has been a landmark summer here in Oregon. During our warm summer days and usually much cooler nights, we had TWO days of over ONE HUNDRED FIERY DEGREES. One hundred and ten to be exact. This in not Texas, y'all! I happen to know that for many reasons. But now that my Kate and her family have moved to Texas, I know it when she sends me the weather forecast in my own state and it is hotter than hers. When I got my own forecast in Continue Reading

Favorite Finds (birdsong edition)

I woke up to birdsong and thought it was a dream. I thought it was my sweet new birdsong alarm clock, the one that got me through the dark winter months. But it was the sound of REAL LIFE birds outside my window, red robins waking up the world, and me. I opened the window and let in the cold spring air and the full song of the red robin. That clear morning whistle made me consider all I am listening to, all that's rattling around with those big blue marbles in my head, all the sounds settling into my Continue Reading

Favorite Finds: February (warm-your-soul) Edition

Brrrrrr! Baby, its cold outside! This edition of Favorite Finds is perfect for these snowy days in February with a few things that warm your soul. 1. Build a big fire and enjoy it all day long. A few weeks ago, I spent a day snowed in and writing, my favorite kind of day. Mike was at work and so I carried logs in all day long and kept a roaring fire going in the fireplace. I gave this classic leather and wool log carrier to Mike for Christmas. It is made to carry logs from the garage or woodpile Continue Reading