How to Make an American Quilt *

We were going home from home to get home. You've probably done it; visited a place that was home-away-from-home (your college town), gone to your folks' home (a-keep-returning-to kind of home), before heading home (home where you live now). In some way, each of these places are home, each place and her people with all of their love and quirky patterns make a part of you. So, here we were at our home-away-from-home (Austin), headed back home (Magnolia) to finally reach home (Oregon). This trip I was paying attention. My desire was to stitch all my home places into my Continue Reading

Home is a Measuring Cup

"Home is the ground we measure with our own two feet. And home is the place that measures us." Christie Purifoy, Roots and Sky H O M E . This year I listened to the sounds of home when I was there. In the early morning I heard the cardinal's song. At least around Magnolia his is the first sweet whistle before sunrise. The bluejay is the bully of the neighborhood, squawking his way around the pasture, even mocking a hawk posted on the fence, serene and sentinel. I could see he was unruffled as he spread his wide Continue Reading