Get Ready for Your Big Kid's Wedding (no matter how old your kids are)

In the middle of a snowy winter, the sun broke through the clouds for just one day - my baby daughter's wedding day. Ryan, our youngest daughter, and Morgan, her high school sweetheart, got married almost two months ago and I have been trying to take it all into my heart ever since. Their wedding got me thinking about all kinds of things related to weddings and marriage and in-laws. Having three weddings in our family so far, we've learned a few things we never knew when we were the ones getting married. Weddings make you reflect on your own Continue Reading

C is for Collaborate (what to do with your broken heart?)

"I tell you this to break your heart, by which I mean only that it break open and never close again to the rest of the world. Mary Oliver When I first met Mike, sparks lit the wide Texas sky. It was on a sunny 40-acre campus dotted with classical fountains, Live Oak trees and June bugs. I felt the arc, body and soul. On the surface, he was adorable with his broad shoulders and brown curls, but underneath was his heart for kids at the Muscular Dystrophy camp where he spent his summers and now his dorm floor, Continue Reading

Borrowed, Blue and "I Do" (tiny way #4)

Weddings. We laugh, we cry, we run scared and we stay to the sparkler-end hoping against hope to see the bride and groom get away hitched and happy, and stay that way. Weddings touch our tender side, but they can also bring out our lurking fears or hardened cynicism or even unspool it all together into a tangled mess. Weddings we may love or avoid or think ours will never come, but marriages, marriages often break our little hearts. We want so much for them to keep all of their full-of-hope promises and wide-eyed dreams. Summer has a way of Continue Reading

Two Things I Learned in May

For me, May is the month of mile-wide grins and counting years. It is a month of flowers in my Oregon garden: irises, variegated hostas, Stellas, happy-faced violas and dogwoods. It is my birthday, my wedding anniversary and Mama's Day, all in the first week. As May surrenders to June and I see the top of Summer's dirty blonde head, I snip a few May flowers for you. Here is my petite bouquet from May, part Grand Ol' Opry, part Devotion, all bridge*. 1.I gotta keep finding his heart. I called Mike one day and said, "I'm listening Continue Reading

white space holds the beautiful cull 3

Mike was in the hospital a full week after his heart surgery. At first, when he was in the ICU I could only stand by his bedside for a few minutes at a time. He had an awesome nurse, an army reservist named Marcus who ran a tight ship on a huge panel of electronic equipment that read all Mike could not yet tell us. It was a small room like the cockpit of a jet engine with gauges, lights, screens, buttons and switches. I went back and forth between home and sitting with him and home again to see Continue Reading