white space holds the beautiful cull 2

. . you will never know what your husband looks like unless you try to draw him, and you will never understand him unless you try to write his story. Brenda Ueland, If You Want to Write I appreciate your patience with yesterday’s cliff hanger about The Beautiful Cull. I haven’t written about this yet and I needed to avoid sleep on it for one more night. I have always held that each person’s story is sacred and to honor that sacredness, it is theirs to tell. But as this is part my story too and my heart is Continue Reading

white space holds the beautiful cull 1

I thought it might be time to tell you where my call to white space began. As I have told you, the first stirrings were with beautiful Kyle, but the second wave came two years ago. Do you start your January with a word or phrase as a theme for new year? Do you think you choose it or it chooses you? Have you ever been afraid of it? Two years ago in January a single word kept rising to the surface, not a word I used in everyday language, a word I held vaguely just around the edges. I Continue Reading