A Poem for Seeing with Heart Eyes

Sometimes I think I see, and its a beautiful sight. Somehow, I get a peek into something below life's surface: a friendship, my own heart, the big picture, the way of the world, grace. When that happens, I want to keep my eyes wide open. "We were standing in the fields Under a dreamsicle sky A little row of houses Without doors Trying to remember why, There was water and light Music on the rise Ribbons tied to cardboard And pitchers pouring Sunshine into our eyes" Other times as my Mama would say, "I'm blind as a Continue Reading

February Findings

Another month closes her sleepy eyes until next year. February, the month of hearts and arrows, snow and small stirring of spring. This is a leap year and this leap day won't visit again for four years. When I look back on a few things I found in February, I smile. Do you ever come around the corner in your own home and find something sweet, a kiss, a wink or a smile? I found that heart-shaped light shining on my dining room wall. That was a finding. Sometimes, maybe most times, what we need to learn is very near, Continue Reading

Eliza, Don't You Know?

Let's wake the baby and show her the stars. Madeleine L'Engle It was September. The yellow school buses were rumbling down the neighborhood streets, kids with colorful socks were tumbling out of the folding door with laughter and that whoosh of the door hydraulics. She thought she would be starting her first full-time teaching job. She was. Instead of a classroom of grade schoolers, Kate's student is a tiny swaddled 7# 2oz Baby Girl named Eliza. Instead of 9am-3pm, Kate's school day is around the clock. She is tired and sore and forever changed, body and soul. So is Zeke. Continue Reading

white space surprises

The Holy Wild describes life with God as He is. The Holy Wild is what life, drunk to the lees, lived to the hilt, is like- life where we walk with the God who is surprising, dangerous, mysterious, alongside us though we fail to recognize him, then disappearing the minute we do. Mark Buchanan, The Holy Wild I have been to the Seattle Space Needle many times, looked at it from all over the city. But about a year ago I visited the Chihuly Glass Museum nestled at its base for the first time. I took this photo looking up Continue Reading

white space awakens curiosity

White space is a place to wonder, to ask questions and sit awhile without the answer. I’ll be honest, the silence can be unsettling. Mostly if I think I have to have all the answers or I have to get it right the first time. But in unhurried time, the more familiar I am with the heart of Jesus, the more I can still have peace in my heart while I wait for answers, come around to the fullness of an answer or even accept those that stay just out of my reach. I might even learn a thing Continue Reading