Do We Know all that's Hidden in the Pines?

We woke up to a freckled fawn curled up underneath the backyard birdfeeder. The one among the volunteer sunflowers where the redbirds land and we chase the squirrels away. I was home visiting my folks and the newborn deer was asleep near the window behind Daddy’s puzzle table. He figured, sometime in the night, her mama jumped the fence laden with life and birthed her baby in the backyard. It seemed at first as though the doe might have abandoned her fragile fawn. The baby looked small, vulnerable, and alone against the wide blue sky. But scanning the horizon, Continue Reading

Remembering the Total Solar Eclipse on Good Friday

Last summer we headed for the path of totality. It was the middle of August when we set out for Sublimity in the pickup. It 's my favorite season here in Oregon: sunshine, cornflower skies, and fat blueberries, ripe and sweet in the dusty fields. We bought the cardboard glasses. We studied the maps. We gathered the supplies: big kids, hoodies, fraying quilts, chunky homemade Monster cookies, the good camera, and dark-roast coffee. Before the day fully dawned, clear and bright, we piled into the pickup and drove to an open field between farmlands. It felt like a party. Like Continue Reading

Keep Christmas Sacred, Simple and Surprising

What if, instead of doing something, we were to be something special? Be a womb. Be a dwelling for God. Be surprised. Loretta Ross-Gotta Is Christmastime magical or overwhelming for you? I think in a way, it was meant to be both. How could God coming so near that he broke into our world through a girl's birth canal not be mind-blowing, heart re-arranging and soul-shaping? A few days ago a supermoon appeared in the night sky. When I first saw it, it hung low and large in the dusky sky, full in its roundness, clear and bright. A supermoon Continue Reading

8 Soulful Things to Try at Your Next Retreat

Retreat. It should be a refuge and a shelter from the wild places. A place to grow strong again. Women's Retreat. What happens when you hear those words? Do you lean in and sign up immediately? Do you wait for a personal invitation? Do you cringe and hope no one asks if you’re going? Are you already crafting your excuse? Do you remember that left out feeling from the last one years ago when you vowed never to go again? Read on, darling, and let's make going on retreats or trips of any kind worth it again. When I Continue Reading

What if Sabbath is a Canvas?

Acknowledging rest is not a recipe with five easy steps, but a reorientation toward what makes me hungry in the first place. We must rest in order for him to rise within us. Shelly Miller It seems we are all tired, but we have forgotten how to rest, really lay down our burdens. To think of a whole day of rest makes us only think of escaping to a chaise lounge on a sandy shore under a cloudless sky with no responsibility. But is that really all there is to it? Quick. When you hear Sabbath, what is your gut Continue Reading