A Poem for Seeing with Heart Eyes

Sometimes I think I see, and its a beautiful sight. Somehow, I get a peek into something below life's surface: a friendship, my own heart, the big picture, the way of the world, grace. When that happens, I want to keep my eyes wide open. "We were standing in the fields Under a dreamsicle sky A little row of houses Without doors Trying to remember why, There was water and light Music on the rise Ribbons tied to cardboard And pitchers pouring Sunshine into our eyes" Other times as my Mama would say, "I'm blind as a Continue Reading

My Unhurried Rabbit

If God gives you a rabbit, chase it to its hole. Our youth pastor said this recently and it is still tickling my ears. I am not talking about a wild goose chase, that's another thing entirely. It could be an Alice in Wonderland whisper, I'm not sure. I took it to mean follow in the Spirit as Abraham going to only God-knows-where or Moses to the Promised Land, step-by-step into the unknown with the One who knows us true and best. But can a rabbit be unhurried? Each month this year, I am taking stock of how a girl Continue Reading