Things I Learned in July

I learned at least four things in the month of July. Of course there's more, but these stand out on this hot summer day when the Willamette River is swimming in boats.

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What in the world is a Mercury Sable?

My youngest son got his driver’s license. In his own time. Kyle does most everything in his own time and I’ve learned to see that it is often best, though I have other timelines in mind. He will turn 21 next month.

He found a car for sale from a friend. It was his grandmother’s car, a 1985 Mercury Sable. In mauve. At the time of her unveiling, the Sable was dubbed “the car that came from the moon”. Mmmmmm . . .

Kyle said it was perfect: low miles for it’s age, air conditioning, a huge trunk, leg room for his 6’-3” frame and . . . drumroll please . . . he had that much in his back account. Did I mention it was m a u v e ?


Here’s our new friend, the moon car.

Moon Car

Now you know.

Being a mama goes by fast as lightning.

I came across this photo of eight beautiful children scrunched up on the front steps. Four are mine and four are Leslie’s, my Red Jeep friend.

We were there everyday watching them grow and praying for the best. I swear I don’t know what happened while my eyes and my heart were wide open.

Three are married now, one is a Daddy and one has Baby Girl on the way.

Stay awake for those whippersnappers!

I got blue sky toes to remind me to slow down.

Summer is for going barefoot. My Mama LOVES to go barefoot. She once bought a car at the dealership in her bare feet. I’ve narrowed my summer shoes to ones I can slip in and out of in a white hot minute. I want to put my feet in the sand, tickle ‘em in the grass or dip my toes in the sparkly water.

Summer is for putting my feet up more often and running around a little less, except for hikes and walks with Mike. I’m slowing down on purpose, storing up deep breaths and thoughtfulness to bring into fall. To tell you the truth, I plan to keep at least a few moments of restfulness all the way into the new year.

Life sneaks up on us all, so I will need reminders. One reminder of the slow and easy pace I’m going for are my sky blue toes. Kate (mama to Baby Girl) and I got pedicures. She chose this color for me, the color of my eyes, the summer sky and the swimming pool.

Crosby has blueberry eyes.

I am JoJo now. My first grandbaby is a boy named Crosby. He has strong and tired parents who already know it goes by fast as lightning. His mama watches him sleep and lets him hold her hand rather than get things done. She is wise.

Because she looks so intently and her heart is a new Crosby shape, she notices God’s hand when she sees it. They may change, but right now Crosby has blueberry eyes.

Photo by Monica Conlin.

Soon I will have my own day with the little Blueberry. It's just around the corner. I'll make sure to keep my eyes and my heart wide open, just like I did with my own blueberries. I don't want to miss thing.

There you have it, lessons from July.