white space is not . . .

For two weeks now, I have been writing to you about carving out white space for soul keeping, making room in a hectic life for things like silence, solitude, creativity, listening, stillness, noticing and connecting with God.

When I am exploring a word, a verse or an idea, I have a quirky thing I like to do. I like to take stock of what it is not. Then I can move confidently into what it is.

So I started thinking about what white space is not. Here is what I came up with:

white space is not . . .

  • blank, once you get there (White is the full spectrum of color.)
  • selfish (You’ll have more to offer Jesus, yourself and others.)
  • avoiding work (It is the hardest work you'll do.)
  • boring (You’ll finish a thought, have a new one, hear, create, soar and risk.)
  • easy (You’ll pay a price.)
  • a burden (It is creative freedom!)
  • quick (Think crock pot)
  • wimpy (It will take courage and guts to face the quiet and not run.)
  • a one time event (You’ll have to repeat.)
  • result focused (This is not production. It is being.)
  • only getting away from everyday life (You can get some right where you are.)
  • the same every time (Expect to be surprised!)
  • the same for everyone (Though there are some consistent qualities.)
  • always understood (Expect some push back.)
  • a dwelling place for shame (Though expect it to barge in uninvited and sit it's big butt down. We will deal with it as we go.)
  • frivolous (You are adding meaning and depth to your life, and in turn and in time to others.)

Good to know.

Remember, you are giving precious white space to a Holy Savior who knows you, loves you and handcrafted wild and beautiful you. He can multiply what you give Him for His good purposes; all of it, mind, heart, soul and strength, remnants, flaws, fears and doubts.

Now go be brave with your white space!